A New World Awaits

A journey not written in stone, but in blood.


Welcome to The Bloodline

Born from a once-proud Bloodline, you’ve spurned The Fates and now take destiny into your own hands. A fire stirs within you. A fire that burns a forge upon the world. Will your fire bring life to this cold world, or will you lay waste to all with its destruction? The choice is yours, brave wanderer…


An adventure unfolds

Take the roll of a Harbinger - a descendant of a divine lineage that was gifted the blood of a god. Shape your playstyle in almost any way - Become the exact character you have in mind.

The vast open world of Eudros

From the sunbleached sands of Askil, to the frozen peaks of Lonland, the land of Eudros is open for you to explore. The lore-rich world of Eudros is full of cities, villages, dungeons and wide-open areas that are shaped by your actions (or inaction). With dynamic and random events, Eudros is always brimming with excitement and danger.

Redeem your Bloodline

You are a Harbinger - a descendant of a divine bloodline with the gift of Foresight. Able to see many events before they happen, it is up to you to be ready to warn the world of the coming Endtimes. Your Bloodline is not what it used to be - The people of Eudros scarcely believe that your blood is divine. It’s time to prove to the world that your blood still hums with pure divinity.

Thrilling Adventures

Each area offers dynamic challenges, events, mounts, encounters, etc. that dynamically change based on numerous factors. Visiting an area during the daytime may offer a vastly different experience than visiting in the nighttime. Some creatures, plantlife, and events may only appear during certain weather conditions or even certain days of the week.

Get Crafting

There are plenty of options for crafting in The Bloodline - From the basic weapon smithing, fletching, cooking and potion crafting to the more unique options such as engineering, Necromanctic crafting and Enchanting! Every playstyle should have some kind of crafting that will help players lean into their character traits.

Fast-Paced Combat

The combat in The Bloodline is brutal and rewarding. It’s up to the player to craft their own combat style - Mix and match magic with dual daggers or maybe become a necromancer archer - Any way you desire to play will be viable and action-packed. With hundreds upon hundreds of skills, abilities and spells, it’s guaranteed you’ll find more than enough options to fit the way that you want to play.

A World to Explore

The main goal with The Bloodlines open-world areas is to jam pack them full with things to do. Harvestables, collectibles, challenges, and a huge amount of random events will guarantee you’ll always have something to do while exploring the open world!

Choose Your Path of Blood

The foundation of The Bloodline is in its massive skill count - With over 500 skills, you’ll constantly be able to refine your playstyle to play the way YOU want to play.

There are no classes in The Bloodline. It is up to the player to train their character in the way they want to play. Practically everything you do has a level associated with it - From bow and arrow and handed weapon proficiency to more specific levels like rag-dolling and wall-running. Simply by playing the way you enjoy playing, your character will become better at that style of play.

Druid Archer

Purely focused on the art of ranged combat wielding a bow and arrow. Players that utilize a mix of archery and druidism skills are able to engage enemies at a distance while also using nature to their advantage to grow trees under their feet to gain the high ground or even summon swarms of birds to assist them in battle!

Assassin Build

Focused on dual dagger combat, this build is extremely fast-paced and agile. Able to run on walls, leap great heights and even blink through the air, this style of play is perfectly suited for players who enjoy assassin-style play with quick, deadly attacks.


The Spearman build offers long-reaching attacks with a sturdy shield when things get tough. This style of build allows for defensive play with bursts of high-damage attacks. Keep your enemies at bay with your shield, then unleash a flurry of stabs with your spear!

Goblin Smasher

Combining your small-frame with brute muscle, you can perfectly emulate the style of a goblin chieftan! Being proficient in one-handed weapons and having a wide range of brutal melee skills, this build is able to charge headfirst into combat, throw, smash and decapitate enemies.

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